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I’m Terry Commer, a relatively new blogger who is a keen match angler. 31 years of age, I have been fishing for about 12 years, match fishing properly for about 5 years and only just now getting into the open match scene where hopefully I can establish myself as a good match angler, competing at the highest level.

Over the coming weeks, I shall update this About page and give you more of a story on my life and how and why I fish and my future aims.

For now, if you read any blogs and have any questions then please fire away. I’m very passionate about this highly participate but completely under-funded and under-supported sport.

Over the coming months I shall be setting up a YouTube channel (Terry Commer Angling) where I will post various videos, films and clips ranging from match footage, short hints and tips, highlights and educational videos to either help you become a better angler on the bank or just see fishing perspectives from different angles.

If you like my blogs, videos or photos then please share with other like minded friends and family.

For now, tight lines!!


All blogs and pictures posted to this site are the property of Terry Commer and if you wish to use any material from this site then you must gain permission at terry_commer@hotmail.com.


4 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Hi Terry, it’s Tom Craven here.
    Are you well?
    If you are still an ODAS member/committee member would you please email me the number of the membership secretary so that I can make contact and rejoin.
    Still catching and match fishing?
    Thanks, Tom

    1. Hi Tom

      Good to hear from you and hope all is well.
      The contact is Robin Bundy and his number is 07956 568722.
      Unfortunately the ODAS site is down at the moment whilst we sort out a recent hacking.
      Hope to see you on the bank soon.

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